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Post  Greeny on Fri Apr 12, 2013 7:51 pm

Nice one Jonesy - a good read as always!


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Lapponia-hiihto XC-Ski Week Empty Lapponia-hiihto XC-Ski Week

Post  iggy on Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:17 am

Keimiön Kiekerö 2.4.2013 (40km)
Himmelriikin Hiihto 4.4.2013 (25km)
Karra Huikonen 6.4.2013 (40km)

Mixing amongst the natives who do this stuff week in week out for 6 months of the year, our biggest worry was coming last and disgracing the UK with its xc-skiing ability hopelessness. Thankfully that wasn’t the case as each race completed, finishing ~ ¾ of the way down in the male category and Liz fared better in the women’s. With no age groupings either, us oldies were up against the 20 something year olds which made the final outcome even sweeter.

The field sizes were a lot smaller than previous races, starting with ~ 100 in each event.
Hang on a minute; let’s just quantify that word ‘race’. It would be great to actually ‘race’ in xc-skiing, but our skills are no more than average sportiff standard at best. Below are a bunch of short 3 minute YouTube clips for you to peruse over, such beautiful rhythm and gracefulness of this sport when done well. Alas, give us another 10,000km practice and we’ll get a bit closer looking like this too.

We always started at the back in fear of being mown down by the more able bodied. On the downside, we were spending the next 10km trying to pass the slower ones which meant groups more suited to our ability were gone. Nevertheless, the taking part and the more ‘sportiff’ side of things were foremost in our minds to be out there enjoying the breath-taking scenery. After all, it’s not every-day one gets to skate across lakes and see reindeer in the woodlands.
As the usual selection process takes place, we scoot along sometimes in small groups, sometimes alone doing our best whilst enjoying the surroundings at the same time. Like sportiffs, there were feed and water stations every 10km, a must have for us as we still finished each quite depleted of energy. Each event repeated the last 5km run-in to the finish, a series of short but steep hills to conquer, proper lung bursting and leg breaking efforts. Oh that hurt so much, but enjoyed every grovelling step of the way.
At the end and after 3 events, we picked up our medal and diploma certificate and thoroughly chuffed we didn’t come last after-all but also rather sad to leave such a beautiful and magnificent place behind.
Race Website;

YouTube clips of how it should be done.


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