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Cyclopark 5th May Empty Cyclopark 5th May

Post  Shane P on Mon May 06, 2013 9:10 am

I seem to be going well at Le Cyclopark du Kent these days. Got in the early break of 5 but dropped back when the bunch got within 10s as I thought it was coming together and a touch too high for the remaining 40 miles. I kept attacking afterwards though to get a chase group going but that never materialised. With tiring legs I though the last lap would leave me behind except it didn't. I managed 10th but had loads more in the legs so could have gone earlier and harder. Really pleased that form is coming back and can set my sights higher now.

Shocking riding on show today, some cretin in a retro pink jersey drinking through one of the fastest bends on the last lap caused a mass panic, no casualties though I don't think. The 4ths didn't fare so well, big crash on last bend. Their pace was so slow though that most could have got off and walked around it.

No handicap this week so will do a 10m TT to set a line in the sand for a normal course around the A264/A24 by Horsham then will give Cutmill or its course replacement due to potential road works a beasting next Sunday.

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