Cyclo-Cross wheels. Tubs or Clinchers?

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Cyclo-Cross wheels. Tubs or Clinchers? Empty Re: Cyclo-Cross wheels. Tubs or Clinchers?

Post  RichMitch on Thu May 30, 2013 9:31 pm

I used tubs the season just gone, Challenge Grifo. They were bloody amazing. I was able to get my pressures down to well below 25psi, and on a slimppery course like at Stanmer in November it made the difference between upper mid table and slip slopping around at the back.

I was lucky enough to get a rather sweet deal from the guys at Strada on their Major Toms on Hope with Sapim spokes. I then picked up some rather nice second hand tubs from a top racer i know and got my Dad's eastern european mate to glue them, he's a well known tub wizzard so I thought it easier than me wrestling with one that was likely to roll.

I train on clinchers and also race shit courses on them, places like Herne Hill are renowned as Tub ripping courses as the back of the course is full of bricks and crap. But all the other courses in the london league were good for tubs.

The first ride out i had on them was something else, they were so supple through the bends that my confidence leapt up and I was realy able to concentrate on the racing rather than be a bit aprehensive through really greasy bends. I'd really recommend a digital pressure gauge if you thinking about getting them, it makes the difference and is not an expensive thing to pick up. The track pump gague is no where near exact enough, and soon when you get a feel for them that 1 or 2 psi can make a difference.

The best clincher I was told to use, and have since, and it's never flatted in a race is the MAXXIS MudWrestler. The rubber compond is supposed to be really great. And as far as all round tyres go its a perfect mix between a mud tyre and a fast one.

I know some guys going tubeless, people like Mike Cotty swears by Stans as he says he can get really low pressures without them burping. But thats a whole new story i'm sure.

i've never used slime. It's to heavy, and weight is still key in cross.


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Cyclo-Cross wheels. Tubs or Clinchers? Empty Re: Cyclo-Cross wheels. Tubs or Clinchers?

Post  Shane P on Wed May 29, 2013 8:15 pm

I'm using clinchers as i can't invest in tubs or be naffed to change my zipps over ( although I might in the 2014 season) but if i would if I could.

I find that I can't drop the pressure much below 25psi without being close to rolling the tyre off but could do with the grip the super low pressures offer. This is where it makes the difference (unless its a bone dry circuits as was two seasons ago) for two riders of a given fitness level. Not wasting power/energy of slipping rear wheels and getting round corners quicker is where I have lost out many times.

I don't like the idea of slime in them either as that is a bit of a one way street. From what I've heard and seen, really good quality tubs (Dugast) are pretty good at puncture resistance anyway.

Shane P

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Cyclo-Cross wheels. Tubs or Clinchers? Empty Cyclo-Cross wheels. Tubs or Clinchers?

Post  iggy on Wed May 29, 2013 10:46 am

With minimal performance gains for tubs over clinchers on the road, what's the story in cyclo-cross?

The main reason I swapped to always use clinchers was because of puncturing tubs. To puncture a £50 tub after just 2 miles soon became a money drain and filling a decent tub with slime for puncture protection, would make it feel like a mediocre tyre so no point in that. Plus it's so much easier to change a tube than fiddle faffle around with tubs and all the gluing involved.

But what of tubs in cyclo-cross if they were filled with slime and does slime really work so not to puncture over thorns and brambles?

Advice please.


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Cyclo-Cross wheels. Tubs or Clinchers? Empty Re: Cyclo-Cross wheels. Tubs or Clinchers?

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