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Post  RichMitch on Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:52 am

Here's my thoughts on CX bikes.

Buy an Alu frame, then pimp the shit out of it. Alu frames like mine; Cannondale CAADX or the Alu Crudx are super popular. Don't worry to much about Carbon, the last thing you want to do is smash it into a set of hurdles and come out the other side of the hurdles with just a set of handlebars.


I will never ever tell someone how to spend there very hard earned cash, so... The frame is up to you mate.

All the top blokes I've raced the last season were on alu. So legs, and skill will be more important than to go with plastic or not.


If you go for a cheaper frame it leaves you wedge to pimp the crap out of it. If you fancied a bike with discs, not a bad thought, and i know Mark Tearle is loving his at the moment, then look for BB7's and if you fancy going really trick then you could opt for hydrolic discs. Until the SRAAM ones are available at a reasonable price there is the option that you can use a Parabox set up. I've seen a fair few and they're interesting BUT, put some odd weight over the front end. But I've not used them so can't comment to much. Hope and TRP do a Parabox set up, it sits under the stem usually and thats where the fluid reservoir sits. Its pretty neat, a bit bigger than a Di2 battery.

Brakes, and wheel/tyre choice seem the most important thing i've learnt in cross. Brakes less than wheels, but knowing you can stop if you really have to is a good thing.

I've got the Shimano CX70's and they're bloody good. But the TRP revox, or the Avid Shorty Ultimate are popular choices also. All the above are used by the pro's.

For Christmas I got some sealed Gore Brake Cables, and no matter what people might say, in 'cross they are the dogs bollocks. Super smooth, but more importantly sealed, so they keep out a huge amount of the crap you accumulate during races, and thats A LOT of mud, grit and filth. I often spend longer cleaning my bike after a tough race than the race itself [only an hour after all]

I also got a sealed gear cable set, which is pretty nifty, as it stops the same issue.

So wheels...

Carbon deep sections are pretty popular at races, as the deep section of the rim helps cut through the crap on courses. But I can recommend my Strada Major Taylor really highly. Once I had my tubs glued to them by bike suddenly felt like a super light race machine, I was well impressed. If you get in touch with strada directly and explain your weight etc they can taylor the wheel to you, perhaps making it lighter than the stock model off the shelf. Nice.

I train on a set of Mavic Open Pro on Hope with Sapim spokes, they're perfect for training on with a decent CX clincher like the MAXXIS mudwrestler.

SO. to conlcude, get the best frame you want, BUT... stock stuff on CX bikes tends to be a bit naff, brakes especially, and off the peg wheels are lumps, so consider up grading them for races. You can then make your frame choice accordingly.

ALSO! a final note. You are likely to loose a rear mech or two during a full season, some courses are really bad for them being ripped clean off. So make your groupset choice accordingly, the last thing you want is to have to replace a SRAAM red groupset three time in one season... I run 105, and it's bomb proof and cheap to replace. Winner.


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Cyclo-cross bikes Empty Cyclo-cross bikes

Post  iggy on Fri Jun 14, 2013 11:23 pm

Help needed from our cross experts please Very Happy

Not done cross since I was 13 so consider me pretty much a novice in this minefield of equipment and the like. Things seemed to have moved on a bit in 30 something years lol, but I'm getting somewhat tempted to have a crack. Bad boys Mitch and Shane have a lot to answer for rubbing off any inspiration. Rolling Eyes 

Been looking around at cx bikes and can't help but ignore this wee little number from the Tri Store. The Speacialized Crux.

This Crux, although not my favourite number, outgunned by Trek Cronus and the Scott Addict from Evans cycles, are both upwards of another £1,000 of which a cx numpty like me can't really warrant such fantastic stuff. I just can't be one of those with all the equipment and no idea numpties, that would be terrible even though it might be a wonderful ride between the legs.

Evaluating the Crux, the geometry seems ok, equipment ain't bad to start with so is it worthy cx bike that would ride well?

Bottom line is, good strong light frame (52cm), equipment that works well and is trustworthy but doesn't have to be top notch.

Any advice on the above or other stuff to point me in the right direction muchly appreciated.


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