Dunsfold vets 17/07

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Dunsfold vets 17/07 Empty Re: Dunsfold vets 17/07

Post  iggy on Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:17 am

Here's a good'un for the year round up with the Pikey wagon. Was it drafted, was it outsprinted, what chaos. Good to see you still racing.


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Dunsfold vets 17/07 Empty Dunsfold vets 17/07

Post  lechef on Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:12 am

Good size field due to the fantastic weather became obvious very early on if anything moved god knows how many Meudon would chase even though they all seem to wear slightly different kit Very Happy Managed to attach my self to most things that did get a gap but really felt the last four days of riding in the legs. Unfortunatly two clipped off with about a k to go one being Meudon and no one wanted to chase. Decided "What the hell" and went as hard as i could with about 500 to go only to have a pikey wagon turn on to the circuit from the left directly in front.

No marshal to stop it even though it was the Meudon organising but still allowed all to race takes the piss in my opinion when you don't marshal the course properly but let all your team race.Mad 

By now the bunch were all around me and right on the back of the wagon looked really dodgy and my legs were stuffed just rolled in near the back.Sad 

I think next week may be the last one🇳🇴 


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