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Post  Guest on Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:53 pm

Well i'm going to kick this NEW section off. I have recently aquired a set of Mavic Yksion tyres with tubes (They come as a set ) to test ride and report back. These tyres come as a rear (Power) front (Grip) it was just luck i put them on the right way round ,should have checked first. First race on these was Goodwood in the wet straight out the box for a slick tyre they were spot on. I had intended on keeping them just for racing but thought why not give them a go in Majorca. Well after nearly 500miles on various road surfaces!!!! mountain descents and wet roads i have to say they are unmarked very responsive plenty of grip. I used these on Mavic SSC rims but they will fit any standard rim.

This is a NEW section and to benefit members we can all read bike radar etc but often good to know the person who is using the kit ie Shaun with his oval chain rings i was very sceptical but after speaking to Shaun i got a set myself (Didn't stop me getting a cold first day back from Majorca ) but i'm sold on them.

If you have a negative view on any kit then please add it, a balanced view is good


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