SERRL race 21st April Rolvenden

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SERRL race 21st April Rolvenden Empty Re: SERRL race 21st April Rolvenden

Post  iggy on Wed Apr 24, 2013 12:53 am

Well done Shane, another notch scored towards race fitness if nothing else.

Some are off to Majorca sometime in the next couple of weeks so won't be around plus I think it's going to be at least 3-4 weeks yet before anyone is race fit enough to be of any use. It'll come on faster once our chain-gangs start up again.


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SERRL race 21st April Rolvenden Empty SERRL race 21st April Rolvenden

Post  Shane P on Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:38 pm

I'm really glad I headed over to Kent, it was an early start but I managed to enter as first reserve. What a great day to ride, chilly to start but lovely throughout the rest of the day

The parcours was rolling with many potholes but was fast. A few attacks went off, including yours truely trying to get away with Wayne from vicious velo who was looking strong all day. we got reeled back in after not too long but probably mainly because the very rough surface up the climb past the finish line where I nailed it took me well into the red.

I tried again a few laps later and nearly got spat out the back after some particularly fruity flat out chases.

I very nearly ended up in hospital after some shocking riding from a 4th cat, changing lanes like he was on his own. To say I voiced my dissatifaction and what he needed to do is putting it mildly.

With cramp appearing on the last lap, I had just enough to hang onto 15th position at the line but I was pretty spent. That follows 3 weeks of hard training and a 10 mile TT on Friday night so quite pleased. only 27 finisher from nearly 60 entrants so some good hard riding was done, by a few at least.

Next race in a couple of weeks I think., who is in, I needed some teamies.

Shane P

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